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Diversity: Because strength lies in differences, not in similarities

The human race is diverse in so many ways. The areas in which we differ are endless. If everyone was the same then there would be nothing to learn from. We celebrate and embrace how different and special we are. We practice respectful interactions and value everyone’s voice, abilities and capabilities.

Integrity: We do the right thing because it is right

We get an honest work done with transparency and accountability in mind through well thought out decisions that lead to the right changes for the right reasons. We honor our commitments and act with responsibility in all our relationships.

Creativity and Innovation: Because we live in an ever evolving world

We strive to transcend traditional ideas, rules and relationships to create new meaningful ideas and methods. We willingly and equally take calculated risks and are ready to fail and learn from both our successes and failures.

Equity and Equality: Whatever is One man’s right is another man’s right

We believe every human being is of value regardless of their differences (gender, age, race and ethnicity) and have equal access to rights, opportunities and services. We support efforts to achieve equity and equality to all people at all levels.

Justice: Because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

We respect the law, support human rights and without aggression through education and persuasion we are committed to challenge structures underlying values which give rise to issues of injustice. We aim at ensuring that all people are presented with equal opportunities and receive a fair share from both their communities and their government.

Passion: It is why we work

We are passionate about people and their development. It drives our need to excel and strive at what we do. We meet our challenges with optimism and perform our roles with purpose and commitment to impact the lives of the people we serve. Passion is a testimony of our engagement and dedication in what we are doing.

Collaboration: Because alone we can do so little but together we can do so much

We know and are comfortable with our organization and individual strengths and are eager to rely on others to achieve greater results. We celebrate each other's success and look forward to taking those successes to the next level together.

Sustainability: We are driven by results

We maintain a long term outlook in our decisions and employ actions in a result oriented manner towards attaining results with a greater lived impact.